Contact Student Swingers

The best way to contact me is via email or Whatsapp. Phone calls should only be attempted if something is very urgent.

As well as being a webmistress, a Cougar/Cheetah and all round slut, I am also a Scuba Diving Dive Master, so I spend a lot of my time under the water - I enjoy going down on guys, on girls and to see the fish!

I am happy to answer any queries you may have about swinging or about the website.

If you are trying to contact me to meet up for fun please use the contact form on

Please do not try ringing up for phone sex - I am not interested in that, all I will do is hang up on you.

Contact Details

Box 1126
New Brunswick
Canada E6J 1R4

+1 506 784 7337

[email protected]