A Bit About Student Swingers

There are hundreds of thousands of students like you in Schools, colleges and universities around the world.

Most of you have a very heavy workload with little time available to build and maintain a relationship at a time in your life that your hormones are their most busy, demanding sexual fulfillment.

Student Swingers has the answer: No Strings Attached.(NSA) Sexual Gratification with other people in the same situation.

Up until now in your life you have probably been taught that sex should only be shared with someone you love, however that to many of us older and wiser? folk is simply a stupid way to live.

To us, sex is for fun, to be enjoyed by us and whoever we want to share our bodies with. Most of us are married and love our partners, but we also love the feelings of someone new rousing our passions and satisfying our sexual needs.

We talk about our fantasies and then advertise for people to meet and fulfill the fantasies. Those of us in relationships then talk about the feelings from the meetings to spice up our own sex sessions at home.

Sexual fantasies are common in most people, nothing you fantasize about is unique, someone else is having the same fantasy somewhere. Student Swingers is the site to put you in touch with each other.

A few common fantasies include:

  • 3somes - this is a very common fantasy amongst women and men. It is easier for a girl to achieve than for a man, but in the swinging scene most male and female members have experienced 3somes several times.
  • Same sex encounters - Most people will experiment with a partner of the same sex at some point in their life, usually when they are in their late teens or early 20's.
  • Bondage - The BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism, masochism) scene is huge and runs alongside and interconnects with swinging. Some people achieve sexual satisfaction just from the BDSM play they are engaged in, others use it as a preliminary act before sexual interaction.
  • Dogging - or car park sex, started as voyeurs watching couples making out in cars in lovers lanes, some couples allowed the voyeurs to join in and a new sexual game evolved.
  • Orgies - not every swingers party has an orgy, mostly people will chat and go off with people they find attractive either as a couple or in a small group of 3 or 4 people. If everyone in the group is open to more people joining them they simply leave the playroom door open, this is an invitation to other guests to join them. This can lead to large groups of people playing in an orgy. Some swingers parties are also advertised as orgies, where people attending will expect there to be group sex between most or all of the attendees.
  • Age Games - very common. Young guys seeking older women are called cubs, and the older woman is called a cougar (if she is over 40) or a Puma if she is under 40. With young women chasing older men there has often been a financial motive, however over they years my husband has had sex with many much younger women who enjoy older men. As part of research that David did in the late 90's he found that there were large numbers of single girls in their late teens and early 20's using the swinging scene as a way to get satisfying sex with guys who knew what they were doing, rather than the fumbling they get with guys of their own age. I am a Cougar, I am in my 40's and love having sex with young guys. It is just my fantasy to have younger lovers, however I still love having sex with my husband and atractive older guys. I would not turn down an opportunity with George Clooney.
  • Gang Bangs - another favourite of min, this is where usually a girl but sometimes a man, arranges a party where the numbers are distorted so that he or she is either the only person of their gender or one of just 2 or 3, all the other guests are of the opposite gender. He or she will then have sex with the whole group.
  • Cuckolding - In the past, a cuckold was simply a man whose wife had an open affair behind his back, whilst he did nothing about it. These days most cuckolds are willing and happy participants in fantasy games played by him and his wife. These games can take many forms and are usually based around the idea that the wife is punishing her husband for being a poor lover or having a small endowment. What usually happens is that the wife will either play with her lover in front of her husband, or go out and have sex then come home and tell her husband while they make love. There are also several Sub Cultures in the cuckolding scene, involving pregnancy, interracial sex, forced bi-sexuality

These are just a few common fantasies, I would probably need to write a book to cover them all.

You have probably been taught that all swingers are old, fat and ugly. Just browse the photo galleries and you will see that our membership has many people in their late teens and early 20's as well as older people. Sometimes the people are ugly, but just as in every other group there are just as many attractive people.

In the swinging scene the most important thing to remember is that you are there for your fun and satisfaction. You should only ever do what you want to do. At anytime, even if your partner is secoinds from orgasm you are allowed to say no and stop and walk away. No always means NO in the swinging scene. If a person carries on after they have bneen told no it is regarded as a serious sexual assault or rape.

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line at the email address below and I will try and get you an answer. Please note that I cannot do personal introductions. You need to use the contact ads to find partners.